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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we will have the list of frequently asked questions (and their answers)

Q: Can I store a car or caravan?

A: No - We do not allow storage of vehicles or caravans.

Q: Can I store a motorcycle?

A: Yes - We allow storage of motorcycles in our outside containers. Engines will require a drip tray under them in case of leaks.

Q: Can you accept deliveries?

A: Yes we accept deliveries FOC. A key holding service is provided - parcels can be collected at our site admin office.

Q: Do you have a trailer for hire?

A: Yes this is FOC for new home or business movers to help the initial move in to storage (subject to insurance).

Q: Do you allow storage of Gas Bottles?

A: No we do not. We ask you consult us if you intend to store any potentially flamable or dangerous item.

Q: Do you allow access on bank holidays?

A: Yes - We are open for bank holidays but we are closed for Christmas Day and New Years Day